It’s been a while…

Yeah yeah I know it has been a VERY long while actually from my last post and believe it or not Christmas Day is over, although for me Christmas is not over till New Years. Thank you Jazzulka for subscribing to the blog because you reminded me that a post was long overdue!

It has been a very tumultuous December I am not going to lie however I am going to keep positive and post a few photos from my December because ultimately it is my favorite time of the year. Now please bear in mind that my partner and I absolutely adore Christmas and the way we decorate our apartment looks as though Christmas threw up but we love it!

Our tree

Apart from the handful of presents under the tree we also had these gifts and the amount increased! My partner and his family tend to go a bit overboard on gifts, not that I am complaining.

The paintings are slanting I know ! His mother is an artist hence all the art on the walls.

This is the specific part of the apartment that Christmas threw up over hehe

Pull Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread. Recipe here

Does not look terribly appetizing however take my word for it. It was delicious.

Recycling !

As I mentioned earlier, overboard on presents!
Christmas day was spent at lunch with my family which almost did not happen this year due to a family death (the only negative bit I promise). This December I have experienced 3 close deaths in 3 weeks so it has been quite a roller coaster ride however life goes on and I try and keep positive.

All the best for the festive season to anyone reading this post out there!


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